Andalucía, an autonomous region in the southwest of Spain, consists of 8 provinces. The coastal section extends from Cádiz and Huelva on the Atlantic side to Almería on the Mediterranean. Sevilla (also the name of Andalucía’s capital city), Córdoba and Jaén are inland provinces, while Málaga and Granada border the spectacular Mediterranean.....here lie the Costa del Sol and the Costa Tropical. Most people know about posh Marbella on the Costa del Sol with its celebrities, wealthy yacht owners, and designer boutiques....vacation home to some of the world's most famous personalities. But further east along the coast lies the Costa Tropical, the coastal section of Granada province. It stretches from Nerja on the west, to Almería on the east, north to the Lecrín Valley and to the foot of the Alpujarra mountains and the Sierra Nevada. The coastal area has a unique micro-climate (hence a 10º - 20º temperature variance from other areas that makes it cooler in summer and warmer in winter). Here you can find lush tropical fruits: mango, avocado, chirimoyo, nispero, lemons and oranges.....in early February it is hard to beat the hillsides' aroma of blossoming almonds, apple and cherry. Meanwhile, the inland areas are dotted with quaint white villages, olive and lemon groves, sparkling waterfalls that are fed by the nearby Sierra Nevada mountain range not to mention its proximity to one of Spain's national treasures and a UNESCO Heritage site, the Alhambra and its gardens. Of historical value are the variety of cultures that have made up its past: the Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs and more - all who have left their mark on its peoples.


The 3 largest coastal towns are Almuñécar(which includes the village of La Herradura), Salobreña and Motril. They have a combined population of about 100,000.....more during the touristic Summer months; Almuñécar alone boasts a surge of five times the inhabitants between June and September. Each of these towns as well as smaller "pueblos" offer all sorts of gastronomy, aquatic and land-based sports activities, historical sites, and the famous Spanish lifestyle.....there is so much to discover here! Thanks to this unusual environment, sun, sand, accessibility and still true "Spanish-ness," the Costa Tropical has over the years begun to be discovered by the rest of Europe -- and the world. The expanding multi-cultural community continues to add to the local flavor: Danish, Swedish, Argentine, Cuban, German, British, Dutch, Belgian, Moroccan, Russian, Chinese- to name a few - live alongside the classic Andalucian family. The variety of these cultures added to the native environment has served to enrich the fabric of the area's interesting personality. As a result, new types of businesses, events, cultural groups, agricultural products and so on have evolved. Find out more about the area by Googling "Almunecar," and "Costa Tropical Spain."


Zen II Net's NEW location as of October 1, 2014 is in the heart of the pedestrian-only commercial area of Almuñécar on the Paseo del Altillo - steps from the tourist kiosk, near the underground parking, several cafés, the majority of banks, and by the local bus stop. Click here for a local street map or just "Google" our address, Paseo del Altillo 6, 18690 Almunecar, Spain.

To give you a good idea and feeling of our area, sit back and watch this 10 minute promotional video prepared by the Tourism Department of Almuñécar.


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