Basic Business Needs


We offer a wide range of business services above and beyond the internet and PC repair world. These services have evolved and developed as our clients have requested them. If you have a special request, please let us know and we'll see what we can do for you.

As always, ASK US FIRST!


  • We have a secure internet access (we have our own unique IP address and do not share with anyone) via WI-FI or ethernet cable using one of our Windows 7 or 8 system PCs. This means safe internet banking or purchasing. Our cachés are emptied daily and Wi-Fi codes changed continuously during the day.


  • Connect using your own laptop, netbook, iPAD, tablet, eBook reader, or other mobile device via ethernet or our secure Wi-Fi connection. MACs are welcome!


  • Copy and print documents and photos in color or black/white. We use only HP inks so you get superior quality photo prints, on photo paper, when desired.


  • Scan your documents or photos and save in JPEG or PDF format. Pass them on to your email or save on a USB stick, CD, DVD.


  • Send and receive FAX documents to and from anywhere in the world.


  • Print out your airline boarding, train, bus or ferry boat passes.


  • Transfer your digital camera photos to a CD/DVD and free up your camera's memory cards for the rest of your trip.


  • Recharge your mobile phone, iPOD, iPAD, ebook reader, or other mobile device.


  • Book tickets to visit the Alhambra or other events.


  • Help with Spanish language issues (e.g. that parking ticket you just got, directions to a specific place, translation of your electric bill, etc.)......and by the way, we are fluent in English, Spanish, and Greek.


  • Word processing of your material using the Microsoft Word program.


  • Preparation of your Curriculum Vitae (which we retain on file for future changes or additional copies)


  • Setting up your own business in the area? We have guided other new residents through the red tape of getting their business license, insurance, and tax setups and thus saved them hundreds of Euros in needless fees.


Do you want something done that is not on this list? Just send us an e-mail and we´ll get back to you ASAP. Contact us:





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