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Without exception, ALL computers and mobile devices develop problems - no matter how perfect we think they are or how new they may be. Just as with any mechanical device such as a car, maintenance is important to keep it running smoothly. When the first sign of trouble appears, bring your device by and let us assess the problem. Whatever the situation, we will find the best solution for you and give you a free estimate. Unless a part must be ordered or solving the problem requires extensive work, most repairs are usually completed within 24 hours. If other places have told you your PC or mobile device could not be fixed, let us take a look at it. We love a good challenge!


We don't just repair....here's a list of what we can do for you:


  • Have you lost documents or photos because your hard drive, memory card or camera cards have been erased or corrupted? Help is here: We'll recover as many as we can those lost files, photos, music and videos so you can have them back.


  • Computer running slow? Give us 3 minutes and we'll give you a diagnosis.


  • Eliminate virus and malware.


  • Upgrade your Windows XP,VISTA or 7 to Windows 8, 8.1 or 10.


  • We will set up your Windows 8, 8.1 or 10 that you have purchased elsewhere to function the way you are used to and give you a quick tutorial on it.


  • Legalize your copy of Windows operating system. Many users are not aware that after having their computer serviced, they are operating on a pirated (not registered with Microsoft) operating system thus exposing them to many problems especially security threats.


  • Technical assistance with hardware and software programs


  • Recommend and configure your new computer to best suit your needs and

knowledge level


  • Provide most comprehensive Anti-virus/internet security software protection for

your computer. We have over 15 years' experience in what REALLY works best!


  • We can install your home printer, network it to enable it to communicate with all

your devices.


  • Set up your own home network so all your devices communicate with each other.


  • PC and mobile device classes for beginner or intermediate level.


  • Help you set up your "iPAD", "Smartphone," tablet, or "eBook reader" - in your own language. We can teach you how to use it and advise you on APPS.


Is there something we have not covered and you have questions? Just email us:



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