Upgrades & Purchases


When the time comes to either upgrade your current PC or mobile device, or purchase a brand new one,



If you are thinking of upgrading your existing device, bring it by and we will advise you on whether it is a good idea to upgrade (based on your budget and needs), or purchase a new model.


UPGRADES that would make sense are:

  • Hard drive – larger, mechanical hard drive or a solid state one
  • Memory RAM – increase
  • Operating system – to current systems




If you decide to purchase a brand new PC, laptop or other mobile device, we will meet and/or beat the advertised price from other sellers. Always keep in mind that buying a device from us will include setup, in your language, installation of software programs you may need, anti-virus program and a 1 hr. tutorial. Most important of all we honor manufacturer’s warranty in-house.


We also can buy and recycle your disposed PC, laptop or mobile device.


We sell completely refurbished and with legal Windows operating system PCs and laptops with 1 yr. in-house warranty.


Have more questions? Email us at: askus@zen2net.com


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