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Lots of items are available from our SHOP - from basic everyday head sets and mice to more technical parts. So if you need anything tech-related, contact us and we'll get it for you as quickly as possible. That includes hard- to-get parts that no one else can find.


Contact us at: askus@zen2net.com








Headsets with microphone

Mice - cable or cordless

USB readers

USB memory sticks - 4 GB and up

External storage hard drives - 500 GB and up


Keyboards - in English, Spanish, German

Flash memory cards - for cameras, Smartphones, tablets

Wireless and Plug adaptors

HP printer paper and HP ink

Printer ink

Blank CDs/DVDs

Ethernet and telephone cables

Printer power cables

...............and MUCH, MUCH more!




Towers - Laptops - Mobile Devices - Smartphones


Hard drives for towers and laptops

Laptop power supplies (chargers)

Batteries - internal and external

External DVD-Rom device

Network cards

Graphics cards

Tower fans

Disk drives

...............and much more!




Windows Operating systems

Microsoft office


Software programs

...............and much more!

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