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Do you own a business or are you just starting one up and need business cards, flyers or other promotional material?  Do you have a second residence  and want  a personal visitor card?  Do you belong to a social group and want to announce an event

We have an extensive background in the graphic arts with all types of projects and can  provide you solutions regardless of its size.  Give us your requirements and you will receive a free estimate of cost and estimated completion time.   You will find our rates very affordable and  our turn-around time is  quite rapid.  So if you have a project in mind, just fill in the form below and click "SEND".....


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Take a  look at some past projects: 

Business Card
Business flyer
Business flyer
Business card
Restaurant Menu
Business flyer
Bar Menu
Business Card
Event Announcement
Business Card
Business poster
Business Venture Presentation - English language
Business Venture
Presentation - Spanish language
Business pamphlet
Exposition announcement poster
For Sale announcement
Informational postcard
Event announcement poster
Personal event invitation
Restaurant/Bar Business Card
Restaurant/Bar Menu
Restaurant/Bar Drinks Menu
Retail Store flyer


For many years our clients  asked us to help them bring their book creations into print - some for personal and family use, others for world-wide publishing.   This meant formatting their text, laying out the book's design, and  creating the  artwork and graphics; if their book was for publication, we took care of that too.   To this end, we set up our other business Zen II Books  in order to dedicate our focus on these types of projects.   

If you have a book project in mind or have long wished to pass on your memoirs to the next generation, we offer you the artistic and technical expertise to  make it a reality.  Please visit our companion website for much more information. 

And please feel free to contact us at any time with your questions.  Meanwhile, here are some samples of   past projects:

Softcover fiction
Softcover fiction
"Wo Die Liebe Zahlt" - German language
Childrens' book
Childrens' book
Adult fiction
Adult fiction
"Around the World in 89 Sketches" - English language
"Cybercafe Chronicles" - English language
"Siglo XXI" - Spanish language
Adult fiction
Adult fiction
"The Princess and the Dragon" - English language
"With Love from Grandma" - English language
Christmas Letters - Swedish language
"Mor och Son i Paris" - Swedish language
"Edna og Otto" - Swedish language
Adult fiction
Adult fiction
"Renton Jnr." - English language
"Safari 2008" - English language
"S.M.A.RT Business" - Volume 1 - English language
"S.M.A.RT Business" - Volume 2 - English language
"Under the Shadow of the Rising Sun" - English language
Almonds in Bloom - Swedish language
Wedding Remembrance - English language
"Helen and Ole Wedding" - Norwegian language
"Matthew Shanley" - English language
Caribbean Cruise - Norwegian language
"Boken Om Ewa Sofie" - Swedish language
"Psychedelic Days" - English language
Juvenile fiction
Juvenile fiction
Juvenile fiction
Juvenile fiction