ALL of today's devices need an internet connection (yes, even What's App!) - whether via a fiber optic, ethernet cable or mobile router.  But not everyone wants a permanent, long-term connection.      Many people prefer having a short-term one which is only activated when they want.

Some people already have a connection but are unhappy with their current provider  (rates have escalated, service is non-existent,  connection is sporadic, etc.).  Sound  familiar?


We can help you sort through the options available and the somewhat complicated Spanish process to get you the best connection to meet your needs.       


If you need a  connection for only a few days or weeks, we can help provide you  a reliable  3G/4G connection  with no long-term contract, no strings attached;  you can start and stop at anytime,  when you wish. 

We can also provide you with a 3G/4G router that can wirelessly connect between 5 and 10 devices. These types of routers  work in  most countries with your own local SIM card after you leave Spain.


Are  you a long-term or permanent resident here and want a good, solid broadband connection?  Our method starts by first finding who is the best provider for your geographical area and will give you the best coverage.  So rather than just getting a connection from any seller - and there are many - and later discovering that  you do not get the service and rates that they promised, ask us.


Perhaps you already have a connection service but are having problems with it, i.e. slow speed, intermittent  connection, or rates charged higher than when you started.    We have resolved hundreds of connection problems with local telephone or broadband providers.  With a copy of your current invoice, we'll help you get to the bottom of the problem  - in Spanish!


Do you already  have a broadband connection and want to  extend its signal throughout your whole home or additional buildings on your property?   We can network your home so every device in any space of the house has  coverage.  Let us know what you need and we will find the best solution for you.


If you already have a router but it is outdated and slow, we can upgrade you to one with the latest and next  technology, compatible with the latest mobile devices, receiving TV over the internet, VOIP, etc.

Do you have a connection question?  Send us a message......