Repair  &  Upgrade


ALL computers and mobile devices in time develop some problem - major or minor,  no matter how perfect  or new they may be.  Maintenance is important to keep devices running smoothly but when the first sign of trouble appears, allow us  to assess the problem.  Regardless the situation, we will find the best solution for you.  Most repairs can usually be completed within 24 hours...more extensive work requires more time.   Other places may have told you your PC or mobile device could not be fixed - let us take a look at it first.  ..regardless of  your language:  we speak "Windows", "Android" and  "Apple".

But we don't just repair....

We recover as much data as is possible from hard drive, memory card and camera cards that have been erased or corrupted - this means photos,  documents, music and videos.

We eliminate virus and malware and can provide the most comprehensive Anti-virus/internet security software protection for your computer

We give you technical assistance with hardware and  many software programs.

We  install your  printer and network it to communicate with all your devices.

We set up your home network so all your devices communicate with each other.



Thinking of upgrading your existing device?  Talk to us first before spending money; we will advise you on whether it is a good idea to upgrade (based on your budget and needs), or purchase a new model,  and which one would be the best choice for you.

UPGRADES sometimes make sense:

Hard drive – to a larger drive and a solid state one (not mechanical)

Memory RAM – increase

Operating system – change to current systems


If you decide to purchase from us a  new PC, laptop or other mobile device,  keep in mind that buying a device from us will include setup - in your language, installation of software programs you may need, anti-virus program and a 1 hr. tutorial.  We honor manufacturer’s warranty in-house. 

We also backup your files and/or transfer them to the upgraded or new device.